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Teacher Amazing Idea Media Center

Kamaron Institue provided teacher life skill bullying prevention lessons


KC3™ Amazing Idea Media Center For Teachers/Parents

This is a collection of Stop Bullying  * Character Education Lesson Plans and Video Lessons. Includes ideas for teachers in bullying prevention, school violence prevention, character education citizenship, and tolerance. that be completed in a few minutes and tie with your school's existing curriculum.

Bully Prevention + Character Ed Lesson Plan & Video Lessons

Welcome to Kamaron Institute’s Amazing Idea Media Center. Feel free to download and use a teacher-tested Amazing Stop Bullying Lesson Plans and character activity ideas to support your KC3 Positive Label Program.

You will see that these dedicated and creative educators applied the Good Finder principles to all curriculum areas: Language, Math, Science, The Arts, Life Skills, Bullying Preemption, and Character Education.  Watch 3-Minute Video Lessons.

Language arts, reading, emotional/social intelligence and successful classroom management.

Super Hero Of my Own Attitude, Kamaron program theme song. Learn music and dance steps. Music, after school activity, bullying preemption. © 2008-2009

How to stop, delete cyber bullying behaviors for home, work, school. Cyber bullying survival guide, Margaret Ross. © 20008-2009

Counselor corner, name calling lesson activity with students. Promotes kindness, respect, emotion/social intelligence. Stop verbal bullying. Increase social intelligence. © 2008-2009

How to increase quality teaching time, cut name-calling bullying behavior by fifty percent. Double kind words and cooperation. © 2008-2009

Language Arts, reading, writing and speaking skills lesson. Successful classroom management plan. Eliminates need for any other discipline or classroom management plan. © 2008-2009

We ask that you come back and “deposit” an idea that worked for you.
We run on the honor system.

Here’s how to make an Amazing Idea Lesson Plan deposit:

1) KC3™ Complete the Positive Label Program Lesson Plan Form
2) KC3™ Fill in the Classroom Ideas Form


You can’t teach what you don’t know.
You can’t take others where you don’t go.
Model the way.

Stop Bullying Lesson Plans and Bullying Preemption Activities

The plans are the copyrighted property of the Kamaron Institute and may be used for educational purposes only. Not for re-sale.


Kamaron Institute provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.

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Education solutions programs for staff and bus drivers.
Increase quality teaching time.
Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building book, Parenting program, teachers.

Parent Resource Center

Cyber Bullying

12 million children step off bus where bullying behavior happened.

Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.
How to tips Cyber Bullying.

Cut bullying by 50 percent


School Board Superintendent and school’s hero, L. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program. Gwinnett is one of America’s largest and top school systems.

Casey is Kamaron Institute mascot character for bullying prevention program that promotes good character and citizenship