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Cyber-Bullying is spreading like a pandemic on the Internet. Half US teens report being impacted in Kamaron Research Institute poll.

A Cyber Bullying Survival Guide from parenting and relationship expert Margaret Ross

Plus, this rude bullying behavior is surging in the adult workplace, social media where technology enabled rude behavior abounds.  

Watch Video. Cyber Bullying Survival Guide.

Video guides you through Best Steps to block cyber bullies behavior and protect your family and friends from Cyber Bullies.

As children's computer skills begin at yournger ages, so their cyber bullying behaviors. Research showed one in three children in grades 2-4 has a friend who has been cyber bullied. 

Code of silence. Teens don't tell their parents. Seven in 10 teens surveyed who have experienced cyber bullying don't tell parents about it.

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Glossary Definitions Cyber Bullying


Bash Board: An online bulletin board on which individuals may post anything they want. The content tends to be malicious, ridiculing, hateful statements directed against another person.
Blog: Interactive web journal or diary (web log) viewable to general audience or specific groups
Buddy List: Collection of real names, screen names, or handles which represent “friends” or buddies within an instant message, chat program, or cell phone.
Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is the use of e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phones, or other forms of information technology to deliberately & repeatedly, harass, taunt, ridicule, threaten, or intimidate someone.

 Research Reveals Cyber Bullying Has Quadrupled

Nearly half teens are impacted but they are hiding the facts from their parents. They fear a decrease in Internet access more than the pain and humilitation of being a cyber bully target on email, text, or social media. (Article cyber bully. Read more)

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