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Facebook Gets Low Scores from Customers on Privacy; How to Protect Yourself

facebooknewsprivacyIf you have people in your life who like you, you may be better off than social media giant, Facebook. Consumers recently reported that they like Facebook about as much as the cable company, airlines and the IRS*.  One major cause for customer concern is privacy. Here’s how to better protect your personal and family Facebook privacy.
We all live within vast social networks with interactions at work, clubs, neighbors, PTA, parties, business conferences and others. There is, however, something that separates social networking on Facebook from social networking offline: privacy.

Protecting Your Privacy  - Privacy News and Facebook Account Changes

Real World vs Facebook World

You would never walk into a dinner party or work event with a label on your head detailing your relationship status, political and religious beliefs, date of birth and sexual orientation. I doubt that you would carry an open photo album with hundreds of photos from the many other dinner parties you have attended, some of which may not have ended as glamorously as you had hoped.

Relationship Success: Professional Courtesy Email and Instant Message Use

By Margaret Ross
 Internet courtesy and professionalism via email Professional communications skills can build and support a positive work environment. Before you dash off a quick email or instant message to a friend or family member during a protracted work meeting, remember that your message may be monitored. Over three-quarters (76%) of US firms report that they record and review their employees communications on the job, with over half retaining and reviewing email.

Meet Generation “W”

Wireless generation is generation WCertain birthdays mark special life changes. A birthday could mean becoming school age, driving age, dating age or voting age. Thirteen has become the ‘cellphone of my own’ age. Just 12 percent of kids ages 8-12 have a wireless phone, but that jumps dramatically at age 13. Nearly half of young teens, ages 13-15, have a wireless phone number of their own. That number jumps to 68 percent for the 16-17 age group. The phone may be traveling with the new teen, but the phone bill is still going to mom and dad. Parents pick their children’s wireless service bills in over two-thirds of the cases.

Ten Million More Females Online

Over half internet enthusiasts as female.
Women comprise 51.6% of the US online population and represent 60% of online spending. By 2008 there will be roughly 10 million more females online than males according to a new eMarketer study. The product categories traditionally dominated by female shoppers are the fastest growing categories on the web.

Want Results? Ask Customers’ Permission

email marketing how to tipsby Margaret S Ross

Relevant, personalized, permission-based customer communications get results. If your company wants results, first ask permission.

18-34-Year-Olds Online in Record Numbers

If you’re trying to reach the average 18 to 34 year old, we suggest checking online.

The three unique internet trends we find in the shoes of the 18 to 34 year old group are: (1) the need to stay connected, (2) extending the internet with personal tech gadgets, and (3) internet as an entertainment source and an entertainment resource.


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Cyber Bullying  

12 million childern step off bus where bullying behavior happened.

Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.How to tips Cyber Bullying.

Cut bullying by 50 percent

new online internet survey poll
Workplace and parenting expert, Margaret Ross, “Secrets of a happy life: Bounce Back Effect”

NBC TV interview bullying school bus character books with Margaret Ross
Author, education and bullying expert on NBC news.



bus school bully chart over 6 million bullied daily graph shows