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Bullying Prevention Program Results

Bullying Prevention :Character Ed Program Results. Watch Video Report

VIDEO REPORT: Program results and school success stories

 Positive Label Program Promotes Character, Citizenship, Diversity While Preventing Bullying 

  1. Kindness, tolerance, and cooperation increase sixty percent
  2. Name-calling decreases fifty-three percent
  3. Sixty percent decrease in bus discipline and distraction incidents
  4. Classroom distraction minutes decrease fifty-five percent. This increases available teaching time, by 1 to 3 weeks without adding a single minute to the school day.
  5. Staff job satisfaction soars.
  6. 100 percent would recommend the program to others.
    *National averages based on research. 100,000+ certified program participants


School Violence Continuum. We Stop Violence Escalation





Kamaron Institute provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.

Success Class TV


Education solutions programs for staff and bus drivers.
Increase quality teaching time.
Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building book, Parenting program, teachers.

Parent Resource Center

Cyber Bullying

12 million children step off bus where bullying behavior happened.

Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.
How to tips Cyber Bullying.

Cut bullying by 50 percent


School Board Superintendent and school’s hero, L. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program. Gwinnett is one of America’s largest and top school systems.

Casey is Kamaron Institute mascot character for bullying prevention program that promotes good character and citizenship