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Welcome Parent. You have been directed to this download page and the Program Information Page because your child's school is completing its annual certification to become one of America's Official Positive Label Schools. Congratulations! This tells us that your child is going to an amazing school, committed to excellence, positive character and dedicated to focusing on "what's right" with your child.

You have taken the first step in becoming an Official Label Home and creating your own

Positive Label Zone. Words are powerful things. They can hurt. They can also help.

Q. What's a positive label zone?

A. It's a safe haven (home, school, team, organization or work place) where only positive labeling/positive words are allowed.

This download will include a mini home version of the program and will consist of 12 pdf documents. Please begin the home program by reading the Parent Letter and the 10 Steps to the Home Program. Within these 12 pdfs you will have documents that will give you a helpful reading list, ideas and activities for your family to follow this program in your home (including four certificate signs you can place around your home). There will also be an example of a four week program and a tracker you can use to keep a record of what you are doing each week in your home.

Using the Positive Label Program activity suggestions at back of Casey books, ideas sent home from school, and from this home program, color in a box for each day family activity is completed using the Home Activity Tracker. When the page is filled in send it back to the school counselor or a child’s teacher. Your school would like to present an Award Certificate to you.


This four week program can benefit your child for a lifetime.

Be sure to follow these steps:

(1) Click here for the Participating School Parent Home Program information form

(2) Complete the information form

(3) download one set of KC3 Positive Label Home Program Pages (mini version-1 file of 12 pdfs which include the steps of the program, activities, signs to put up, and program tracker).

(4) Follow program steps. We will want to include your family in the recognition and celebration.

(5) Share your thanks and positive feedback with the extraordinary people leading the program at your child's school.

Together, we can make a positive difference. We are counting on you to help us get the word out. Thank you for being an extraordinary parent.

To order your family a copy of the Casey story online. CLICK HERE. Schools will also have a "book loan program available."

IMPORTANT: You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software to view and print one set of Kamaron KC3 Positive Label Home Program Pages (mini version) .

Click here to get Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® for FREE!


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