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KC3 Success Stories

© 2006-2009.  Kamaron. All rights reserved. May not be copied or duplicated in any form.

Kamaron School Program Gets Big Results

“We reframe the entire issue of of name calling and bullying to focus on the solution. This is the step beyond prevention. It is preemption,” explains program founder Margaret Ross.

Positive Label Program Promotes Character, Citizenship, Diversity

  1. Kindness, tolerance, and cooperation increase sixty percent
  2. Name-calling decreases fifty-three percent
  3. Sixty percent decrease in bus discipline and distraction incidents
  4. Classroom distraction minutes decrease fifty-five percent. This increases available teaching time, by 1 to 3 weeks without adding a single minute to the school day.
  5. Staff job satisfaction soars.
  6. 100 percent would recommend the program to others.

*National averages based on research. 100,000 certified program participants



Bullying Prevention Good Character Certification Program Overview

“A research based, Bullying Preemption and Positive Character Program. It is proven to decrease bullying words and cyber bullying words, discipline, and distraction incidents. Behavior is more easily replaced than erased, explains Ross” The heart warming Casey stories (available on provide the programs foundational language.

Success Stories and Customer Program Reviews

“Students and teachers are feeling more safe and this is creating a more positive learning environment.”
- Dr. S Cocolis

“More comradeship among faculty; continuity of teaching between home and school…a wonderful way to teach character education.”
- B. Anderson

“We had dramatically reduced referrals and fewer driver distractions, which improves our safety.”
- P. Reynolds

“Increased students positive labeling behaviors by 50 percent; decreased negative statements/name calling by 30 percent; kind word exchanges between students more than doubled.”
– R. Mason

“This is the first year in my 20-year career that I’ve had no time outs, no parent conferences, no office referrals. We use the program principals in everything we do.”
- J. Focus



Personal Testimonials and Endorsements

Success Stories - KC3™ Citizenship in Motion Award © 2006-2009. Kamaron. All rights reserved. May not be copied or duplicated in any form.

"Many ways – just a few teachers, bus drivers and students all reported that our learning environment has become a more friendly positive place to be. Name calling, teasing and saying mean things student to student has decreased. Teachers report other teachers saying more positive statements to each other. Teachers have been able to take the information from the program and use it in other areas of teaching. Any time a positive program comes along is a good thing. KC3 meets those requirements!"
L. Casey, Principal, MO

"The program connected the bus driver and the school together. Transportation and the school were using the program to achieve a common goal, for the good of children. "Drivers and Aides were encouraged to view the riders in a different way: not as 'cargo' to get from place to place, but as special people with varied and valued characteristics. This created a synergy never before experienced in our district."
S Patrick, Director Transportation

"This was a unifying program, bringing together students, staff, parents, and extended staff (bus drivers, cafeteria staff)."
Cris Force, Counselor

"The positive concepts taught in the KC3 Positive Label Program have become ingrained in the fabric of our school, benefiting our students, staff and community.
L. Fear, Inman Elementary

"Our schools are constantly charged with the responsibility of finding ways to improve the classroom climate (behavior) in order to increase learning, decrease discipline referrals, and preserve teaching time (that is often spent disciplining) for instruction. The KC3 program is result driven and the results were phenomenal.”
K Spangler, C.A.R.E. Program Specialist

"The After School Program has benefited in countless ways from the KC3 program. Our students gained a higher respect for not only others, but also themselves. The staff gained personal knowledge of the students' lives through our group meetings because the children felt safe in sharing their concerns with a small group. Our staff changed the way they handled problems, trying to focus on what the students could learn from the situation and how to turn the situation around and label the children positively. discipline."
M Aycock, After School Program Manager

"It created a positive connection between school, bus and home. It gave students a positive way to interact with their peers and increased vocabulary knowledge! Because the program was school wide, it was reinforced in all the rooms that the students visited. Students spoke favorably about their bus drivers and bus rides. Students were focusing on the good of themselves and their peers. Improved behavior on the bus."
D. Pugh, Principal

"Decreased number of major referrals and parent notification forms, which has helped decrease negative behavior; a relationship vessel to allow transportation employees and school employees to work together to accomplish goals.
C. Hart, Transportation Supervisor

"We primarily gained through significant improvement in our students' behavior. We had dramatically reduced discipline referrals and fewer driver distractions, which improved our safety."
C. Ross, Transportation Supervisor

"The KC3 Program has helped me become aware of what I am saying. Sometimes when I am walking down the halls and I see all of the positive signs and doors it reminds me to be positive."
Middle School Coach

"The positive label program is very necessary in middle school. This is the only chance that some middle school students have had to be the recipient of positive comments."
K. Garrett, 7th grade teacher

"I like this program because it gives our students the opportunity to interact positively with one another."
W. Bell - Principal Elementary School

"Labels put a person in a box and say they can only do what the box limits them to."
Matthew, 5th grade

"People tend to take labels to heart as if labels can define who they are. Would you want to be responsible for the outcome of another simply by what you've called them? If so, make it positive!"
K. Guerrero, 5th grade teacher

"Sticks and stone may break your bones. But calling-names and put downs. They can really hurt a person."
Isaiah, 7th grade

"Students are going to have a good day or a bad day depending upon how they arrive at school. Instances of bus distractions have decreased over 60 percent."
P. Holt, Transportation Coordinator


Kamaron Institute provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.

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Education solutions programs for staff and bus drivers.
Increase quality teaching time.
Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building book, Parenting program, teachers.

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Cyber Bullying

12 million children step off bus where bullying behavior happened.

Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.
How to tips Cyber Bullying.

Cut bullying by 50 percent


School Board Superintendent and school’s hero, L. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program. Gwinnett is one of America’s largest and top school systems.

Casey is Kamaron Institute mascot character for bullying prevention program that promotes good character and citizenship