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KC3 Citizenship In Motion Award

National Museum of Patriotism 2005

“KC3™ Citizenship in Motion” Award

The Kamaron® Institute ( KC3™ Positive Label Program is a research-based, six-week, Positive Character and Bullying Prevention Program proven to decrease name-calling, discipline and distraction incidents in schools and buses, while increasing kindness and cooperation. KC3™ Positive Label Program has been an education resource of the National Museum of Patriotism since 2002.

The National Museum of Patriotism ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating our country’s youth, celebrating personal achievement, motivating people to respect the rights of others, to help our neighbors, to inspire good, and to magnify love of one’s country. It houses the Georgia Center for Character Education.

National Museum of Patriotism KC3™ Citizenship in Motion Award: Established in 2005 by museum founder Nick Snider, is an annual performance-based, national Citizenship Award Program recognizing outstanding achievement and continuing commitment in the areas of positive citizenship and character education through the implementation of the Kamaron Institute KC3™ Positive Label Certification Program.

National Award Criteria

  1. Organization exceeds KC3™ Positive Label Program certification criteria and is recommended by Kamaron Institute
  2. Organization expands program impact with a partner group and earns “Outstanding partnership/citizenship rating.” (8+ on 10 point scale)
  3. As measured in independent pre and post surveys, decreases name-calling by 30% and increases kind words and cooperation by 30%, improving a school's atmosphere for learning and/or bus safety
  4. Supports behavior change with KC3, weekly or monthly booster activities
  5. Earns “outstanding ratings” on program Case Study

Annual Award Levels

Year Level :: KC3™ Amazing Achievement
Year Level :: KC3™ Character Champion
Year Level :: KC3™ Excellence Example
Year Level ::KC3™ Model Mentor

A District Of Excellence awards category is scheduled to be added in 2010.

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School Board Superintendent and school’s hero, L. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program. Gwinnett is one of America’s largest and top school systems.

Casey is Kamaron Institute mascot character for bullying prevention program that promotes good character and citizenship

"Citizenship In Motion" Award
Application Form 2008 School Year
What is KC3™?

KC3™ Positive Label Program, created by Margaret Ross in cooperation with students, drivers, educators, and other helping professionals, and offered through the Kamaron® Institute, is designed to teach children that words are powerful tools that can have either a positive or negative effect. KC3™ stands for Kamaron Concept Three, which states, "Labels Change Lives," and is the program motto. The heart of the program centers on the first of Ross’s three "Casey" books, "Casey and the Amazing, Giant, Green Shirt."

Where is the National Museum of Patriotism?

1405 Spring Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Just North of the 17th Street Bridge at the Corner of 18th Street and Spring across from the Puppetry Arts Center.