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Kamaron Positive Label Program
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Positive Label Program increases participant awareness of the power of words (labels). Words can hurt and they can also help. It's up to us. Program completely reframes any name-calling and negativity challenge to focus on the solution. And it works.

Accentuate the positive in all of us.

Positive Label Program Parts

1. Raise Awareness

2. Build new habits with 4 weeks of positive actions.

3. Then celebrate our hard-work and success

4th graders raise school awareness

In Middle School program has a subject area host. Mrs. Young's 7th graders brought the story to life for everyone.

Casey stories provide foundational language.

"I like this program because it gives our students the opportunity to interact positively with one another. Realizing the pain you can inflict upon someone else by name-calling is an important life lesson. We are glad we can participate in a program with such relevance to real life." W. Bell - Principal Elementary School

"Labels put a person in a box and say they can only do what the box limits them to." Matthew, 5th grade
"People tend to take labels to heart as if labels can define who they are. Would you want to be responsible for the outcome of another simply by what you've called them? If so, make it positive!" K. Guerrero, 5th grade teacher

"It is important that children learn that what is said and done today affects the future for themselves and for others. If they learn to use positive labels for each other and for themselves, their future will be a kinder one." B. Anderson, Counselor
"Sticks and stone may break your bones. But calling-names and put downs. They can really hurt a person." Isaiah, 7th grade.


30-days Of Positive Lessons & Amazing Activities

Student's patriotic poetry & artwork decorates the walls.

Third graders improved math scores and focused on "smart" & "brave."

Door displays focus on student's positive qualities. This is a prize-winning effort.

Older students personalize the Casey positive shirt activity. Their shirts often become positive self portraits or the basis for paragraph and report writing.

Every adult and student makes their own Casey Positive Label shirt. Each shirt is proudly hung in the hallways and sometimes they also decorate bus ceilings.

Middle School door setting the tone for everyone entering this class.

Each student has their own ticket to board this "Positive Express." The wall leading up to this door has an entire paper train. The Positive Express is quickly becoming a school landmark.

To reach the media center, "Turn left at the Positive Express."

Door and wall displays provide opportunity for teachers and students to work as a creative positively focused team.

The message of this door display eccourages everyone who walks by!

Sunshine Board is a posting place where students thank others for kindness shown to them.

Subject doors include the positive qualities that help students succeed in class. And often showcase people who've made a positive impact in their discipline (e.g. Einstein, George Washington Carver).

Ms. Sneyd's middle school mathematicians used the Casey checks and deposits activity to establish and run their own economic system.

Program includes everyone on the school team. This cafeteria door focuses on the words of positive nutritious eating and even includes needle-point vegetables.

Brooks students proudly wore personal positive t-shirts on their school's celebration day.

Celebrate Our Success

As part of their Celebration Day, Liberty Point recognized their "Outstanding Positive Student of Character." Jasmine won a bicycle.


Left: Counselor, Bille Anderson receives the Kamaron Outstanding "Service & Innovation Award. Braelinn Elementary is the first school in the nation to earn its program re-certification.


This Whitewater Middle School Teaching team came to celebration dressed in their own Casey shirts.
Phil Hulst, GA Department of Education and Jason Wetzel, National Museum of Patriotism and program creator, Margaret Ross, were all on hand for the celebration.


School banners are often part of the celebration day.

Schools who successfully meet program requirements are awarded plague for their trophy case.

These King Springs students proudly displaying Positive Labels.

"My 2nd period class enjoyed illustrating the historical information that they learned in class and adding positive labels to their illustrations. Helping students see the application of these labels makes the label stick in their minds along with the historical event." H. Poole, 8th grade History Teacher

"Positive Words can made someone smile, this I already knew, but the story of Casey truly made me reflect a bit more on how positive words can change someone’s day. Also being positive about yourself can help you overcome difficult barriers. Program portrays that patriotism and friendship are wonderful things to have. I agree." Rachel 8th grade

"This program has really made me become aware of my actions. I am a negative person by nature and I often make negative comments even at my home. The KC3 Program has helped me become aware of what I am saying. Sometimes when I am walking down the halls and I see all of the positive signs and doors it reminds me to be positive. - Middle School Coach

At first I was nervous. Now that we have finished I am thrilled with the results. I can honestly say that the students at our Middle School know their words can harm or build someone up." K. Camarata, Guidance Counselor

"The positive label program is very necessary in middle school. This is the only chance that some middle school students have had to be the recipient of positive comments. Students were given the opportunity to search for the positive in other students. Some students had to face the fact that they have not given many positive messages to other students." K. Garrett, 7th grade Reading teacher



Kamaron Institute provides solutions and skills and training to be more successful in work and relationships.

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Kamaron Positive Label Certification program, character building book, Parenting program, teachers.

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Cyber Bullying

12 million children step off bus where bullying behavior happened.

Most childern say bullying causes problems at school.
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School Board Superintendent and school’s hero, L. Radloff awarded endorses Kamaron school program. Gwinnett is one of America’s largest and top school systems.

Casey is Kamaron Institute mascot character for bullying prevention program that promotes good character and citizenship