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Boss Least Likely To Hear Compliment

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Real appreciation helps create a positive work environment

The skill of giving sincere, effective compliments is part art and part science. It takes practice to make a habit of expressing apprecation. An appreciation focus creates a more positive work environment.

A well phrased, specific, sincere compliment can improve someone’s day and it can reflect well on you. There is more to excelling in compliment giving than simply avoiding phrases like, "For a fat man you don’t sweat much."

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How To Bully Proof Your Life

by Margaret Ross, Kamaron Institute
how to stop workplace bullying and social bulliesDo you need some bully proofing? I did. You aren’t likely to get pushed down on the playground at work but you might feel like that’s what happened. Have you ever felt like a victim of ‘drive by’ bullying behavior? I call it ‘drive by’ bullying because I often didn’t even know what had happened until it was over and the person’s tail lights were rounding the hallway corner. The only evidence of the assault was something new on my ‘to do list’ and the emotional tire tracks on my face. Sound familiar?
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