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How Twitters New List Feature Can Help Your Business

Organizing by topic and saving time key benefits


Here's a Catch-22 of building up a big list on Twitter: You want to build up a big list on Twitter so that you can interact with your audience. But after a while, once you are following thousands and thousands of people, you can no longer pay attention to what they are saying. Worse, if you have made some good connections on Twitter, you are going to miss what those people are tweeting most of the time.

Also, you are likely to have different categories of people that you follow: customers, friends, family, industry leaders, etc.

Get In the Reporter Mindset Before You Write Your Next Press Release

Want your next business news release to get more attention?  Think like a reporter and jazz it up with a poll like the PR pros do.

When you are pitching a news release to reporters, it's very important to understand the reporter's needs - and the reporter's needs are not the same as yours.

Odds are you are writing a press release to promote something - a new book or a new product or a webinar or something else that you are excited about. Your goal in sending in a press release is to promote yourself.

How To Have A Twitter Conversation

Starting a social media conversation can be easier than you thought

Seven Social Media Tips For Introverts.

To avoid seeing yourself as a social media wallflower. Simply reach out. 

Social media is a wonderful tool for promoting a business or a brand: it's free, it's effective, it doesn't even take much time. However, the word "social" is there for a reason, which may give the introverted, wallflower types some pause.

If you want to promote your business via social media but you're not the bubbly life of the party type, is there any hope for you?

How Social Media Can Help Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times

Moving into Social Media Marketing to thrive in tough economy

Looking for expense relief? Consider moving in to Social Media.

The recession has dealt a staggering blow to businesses in every industry - but at the same time, the relatively new world of social media is offering some relief.

Five Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

Expand your business online; social media self promotion


Twitter, the microblogging phenomenon, has quickly evolved beyond a way for people to update their friends and family as to what they're doing. 

It has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to promote themselves online, for two reasons:


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