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Margaret Ross, Editor

Important Facebook Privacy Setting Secrets

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How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

 If you have people in your life who like you, you may be better off than social media giant, Facebook. Consumers recently reported that they like Facebook about as much as the cable company, airlines and the IRS*. One major cause for customer concern is privacy. Here’s how to better protect your personal and family Facebook privacy. We've even included pictures.

Worst Twitter Practices: Avoid These Bad Habits

Avoid These Six Bad Habits or Risk Losing Customers In Droves

Businesses everywhere are discovering that Twitter is a wonderful way to find new customers, keep in touch with existing customers, keep an eye on the competition, network with others in your field, and find out what your customers are saying about them.

Six Social Media No-Nos for Small Business

 margaret ross

The number one social media no-no for small businesses is ignoring social media marketing and the enormous potential that it offers. The beauty of social media is it can level the playing field for small businesses allowing them to compete with larger corporations. A recent national study reported 8 out of 10 companies, of all sizes, are using Social Media and planning to expand efforts during 2009.

Study: Meet The Fascinating People Populating The Twitterverse

Margaret Ross

If you are new to Twitter this year, don't be intimated. We are the majority. Twitter newbies How to Use Twitter outnumber seasoned users by a large margin. Twitter enables people and companies to dip their toes into social media, 140 characters at a time.

The Majority of People On Twitter Tweet For Business, Poll Shows

New Psychographic Study Reports: 8 in 10 motivated to "Tweet" for business -

Most Twitter users don't sign up just to tweet about their day; they're Tweeting to increase their bottom line, a new study reveals. In fact, more people who use Twitter do so for business than for social reasons alone, according to a new psychographic survey conducted by the Kamaron Research Institute.


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