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Five Habits of Highly Effective PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Big Win Big Bucks

Everyone with a business and a website wants their website to be prominently featured on the search engines. Pay Per Click advertising is a way to ensure that your products and services are found by people who are searching for information related to those products or services. Google is a perfect example.

Social Media Rules For Reputation Management

Social media can boost a brand's reputation or bomb it

Social Media Can Help Enhance and Protect Your Reputation and Brand Image

No business can afford to ignore the importance of reputation management, and the important role of social media in online reputation management. A business brand can go from boom to bust in this digital era, where anyone can spread news quickly to friends on blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

How To Use Real Time Search And Social Media To Promote Your Business

Real time search and universal search how to get an edge for your business.


It is no secret to users of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites that the fastest way to find out what's going on in the world these days is no longer by turning on the TV news. More and more frequently, news is announced first on social networking sites.
Recently, Google picked up on this fact, and struck deals with Twitter and a number of other social networking sites to include their feeds on Google's search results. Google's page is now a mix of the old standard style search results, and a stream of instantly updated results from social networking sites. A combination of search sources is called Universal Search. Many people refer to the “as it happens” content as Real Time Search. 

Five Ways to Prepare for a Financial Emergency

Staying afloat when emergencies happen.
The best time to prepare for a financial emergency, of course, is well in advance. If you wait until your car dies, or your roof springs a leak, or your air conditioning unit fails in the middle of August...you could find yourself scrambling to be able to find the needed funds.
You'll want to start making a list of all of your expenses - rent or mortgage, car payment, insurance, utilities, grocery bill, cable, gym membership, transportation costs including gasoline or bus fare. If you find ,even this,  too daunting a task, you can simply multiply your present monthly take home pay times six. That number is your minimum money cushion.
Got this take home income number or your expense list ready? Good.

Social Media RockStar - Case Study

Creating buzz for your business

Justin Bieber, Overnight Fame, And Social Media

The name "Justin Bieber" is familiar to just about every teenaged girl on the planet these days - and every parent of a teenaged girl - but what many people don't know is how the mop-topped teenager first came to the attention of superstar manager and rapper Usher.

Bieber posted videos of himself on Youtube, which caught the attention of a manager, who introduced him to Usher. And the rest is pop idol history.


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