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Beware Facebook Abandons Privacy. How to Save Face on Google

Saving Your Face

Tips to Save Face on Google+ and Facebook

If you hope to keep anything private, it is probably better to stay off the Internet altogether. If a “bunker” isn’t your best life style choice, you need to know that both Facebook and Google+ are making changes to their privacy settings.

Facebook is making it nearly impossible to hide from crazy acquaintances, ex-bosses, and that bully that tormented you in the 4th grade. Whereas before you could choose whether or not you wanted to show up in search results, the new policy allows anyone to be found using the site's search function. If you are a parent, be sure and check impact on your kids’ privacy on Facebook.

The company said they made the change because they have had complaints that two people might be in the same Facebook Group, but still can't find each other with a search. They also said that people were "confused" when they tried to find a friend, but couldn't find them in search results, (ignoring the fact that this was the whole purpose of the privacy setting in the first place.)

How to Check Your New Public Face on Facebook

If you are curious as to what others are seeing when they find your Facebook page, use the "View As" feature, which you can find on your profile page’s "Activity Log" drop down menu. Google+ Google+ recently sent out an email specifying changes regarding what information it shares about you. It will allow you to opt out of "Shared Endorsements," meaning if your Google+ page follows another page publicly, you can choose whether or not you want your name and photo to appear in ads that are on that page. This means that, in theory, if you don't pay attention to your settings, you could see your name and face “hawking” products in ads without being paid a single cent. 

How to turn off Shared Endorsements

Mastering Another Major Social Media. Learning to Speak Horn

For decades horn honking has been used as a way to communicate. Much like email and attempted humor in tweets this social media message can easily be miscommunicated and misunderstood.

How to Speak Horn - A Social Language

As a language, deciphering horn honks can be challenging. When someone honks their horn, you don't really know if they are honking at you at all—and if they are -- what exactly they are trying to say. To make it more of a conundrum, a honk in your city can be different than a horn honk you might hear while visiting your aunt across the country.

Until the complete etiquette of horn honking is more formalized, I’ve prepared some horn honking basics to prepare you for your next road trip.


A "tap" is a light application of pressure on the horn. It is really the most genial kind of horn honking (you didn't know there was such a thing, did you?) Here are two different types of horn taps and what they mean: - A tap while at a light: “I don't want to be rude, but the light has changed. Do you think you might go now?” - A tap while on the freeway: “I see your signal and will let you in this lane…if you hurry and acknowledge this courtesy with a hand wave.”


Taps and toots are often difficult to distinguish. However, as the amusing word "toot" signifies, toots are friendly honks. You might hear a toot from your college roommate, who spots you while you are driving on the other side of the road. Perhaps you haven't seen him or her in years; perhaps you are driving the same car you were in college, and it is now held together with duct tape, while they are driving their brand new BMW, and the whole incident makes you reevaluate your whole life and how you've spent the last 20 years.

Sigh. Anyway, that's what a toot can mean.


This is more serious than a tap or a toot. Honks are rarely friendly greetings. They are much more likely to be sounds of “Watch out!” or “Pay attention!” The noise duration is longer. The sound decibels are louder and more intense. A honk may mean, “The light has been green for 15 seconds already, so finish your text later.” Just as with a tap or a toot, everyone within ear shot is startled and the momentary stress relief is only experienced by the “honker.”

How To Set Up, Run and Measure a Social Media Campaign

Plan, launch, network, measure social media.


As we've discussed previously, social media campaigns have an enormous advantage over traditional advertising, because they are free and the results are easily measurable.

Here, we're going to  talk about how to ensure the success of your social media campaign before you even get started.

First of all, before you start, you will need to decide what your objectives is (are). If you don't have specific goals, you can't measure their success afterwards.

How Twitters New List Feature Can Help Your Business

Organizing by topic and saving time key benefits


Here's a Catch-22 of building up a big list on Twitter: You want to build up a big list on Twitter so that you can interact with your audience. But after a while, once you are following thousands and thousands of people, you can no longer pay attention to what they are saying. Worse, if you have made some good connections on Twitter, you are going to miss what those people are tweeting most of the time.

Also, you are likely to have different categories of people that you follow: customers, friends, family, industry leaders, etc.

How Social Media Can Help Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times

Moving into Social Media Marketing to thrive in tough economy

Looking for expense relief? Consider moving in to Social Media.

The recession has dealt a staggering blow to businesses in every industry - but at the same time, the relatively new world of social media is offering some relief.

How To Use Real Time Search And Social Media To Promote Your Business

Real time search and universal search how to get an edge for your business.


It is no secret to users of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites that the fastest way to find out what's going on in the world these days is no longer by turning on the TV news. More and more frequently, news is announced first on social networking sites.
Recently, Google picked up on this fact, and struck deals with Twitter and a number of other social networking sites to include their feeds on Google's search results. Google's page is now a mix of the old standard style search results, and a stream of instantly updated results from social networking sites. A combination of search sources is called Universal Search. Many people refer to the “as it happens” content as Real Time Search. 

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business This Holiday Season

Business growth focus on people's needs and use social media for win-win

Holidays Season can be happy time to promote you business....Think social.

Brick and mortar businesses are busy promoting themselves in newspapers, on billboards, and with flyers, this holiday season. Those are all good ways to get exposure, but let's not forget the new weapon in the promotions arsenal: social media. Social media promoting is immediate - you don't have to wait days or weeks for your ad to appear. So even if you''re just getting started with your social media holiday promotions now, it's not too late - your promotions appear as soon as you type them in. And unlike most traditional advertising, it's free, costing only the time that you take to type in your promotional "tweets" or posts.

Why Blogging Is Essential To Your Online Success

Blogging +Social Media is smart and cost effective.


Need a reason to blog? Consider these.

There are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence, ranging from the truly mundane and grammatically challenged (the "i am feeling sad 2day" variety) to the highly entertaining and/or informative.

It feels like only yesterday that Evan Williams (founder of coined the term, "blogger" Today, the blogosphere is doubling between once and twice a year, There are over one million blog posts daily. It's not too late for you. The timing is perfect to. catch the next growth wave.

Top Business Benefits Social Media Campaign

How To Set Up, Run And Measure A Social Media Campaign

There are a couple of reasons social media marketing has taken off like a rocket.

Number one: it’s the most cost-effective way to promote your brand/business/product and get your name known all over the internet.

How To Create A Buzz For Your Business

Let's pretend you want to create an online media buzz for your business in September. Where should the buzz building steps of the marketing survey or polling process begin? It begins with a sound and seasonal idea that makes sense for September.


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