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Margaret Ross, Editor

Top Business Benefits Social Media Campaign

How To Set Up, Run And Measure A Social Media Campaign

There are a couple of reasons social media marketing has taken off like a rocket.

Number one: it’s the most cost-effective way to promote your brand/business/product and get your name known all over the internet.

Traditional advertising ranges anywhere from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars for newspaper and television campaigns. Social media campaigns are basically free, except for the time that you put in to them. Even if you have someone at your company work on your social media campaigns for an hour or two a day, that’s small potatoes compared to what it would cost you to run a weekly ad in the newspaper or on television.

And reason number two: it is extremely easy to measure effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns - which can’t be said about traditional advertising campaigns.

With traditional advertising, it’s very difficult to tell where and how people heard about you, what they think about you and your competitors, and what influenced them to buy your product or service. Did they see a billboard, see a TV ad, read about you in the newspaper, pick up your flyer?

Most people don't remember how they heard about you and aren't able to tell you. With social media marketing, you can tell not only how many people came to your website, you can tell which social media campaign sent them there. You can find out what they think about your product, and about your competitor’s product. You can immediately eliminate non-productive social media campaigns and spend your time on those campaigns that deliver for you.

And best of all - while you can pay lots of money for tools that measure Return on Investment if you WANT to - there are numerous tools and techniques that can enable you to do all of this for free! In today's uncertain economic environment, everybody loves free - especially free and effective! To find out more, read part 2, in next week’s Positive Impact Newsletter (PI).

Margaret Ross, speaker and writer, grows and encourages people in business and in their lives. Ross is CEO of the Kamaron Institute, a leading management consulting, training, and market research communications firm. Margaret is the editor of Kamaron PI, the Positive Impact blog, host of Telly award winning Success Class and is a regularly featured guest on America’s top radio shows.


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