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Margaret Ross, Editor

Anger Management Strategies for Business Managers

How to keep your cool when you are hot under the collar.

We all know the feeling of being down to our last nerve. Where do you find yourself losing your cool and your emotional balance? Is it in traffic, on the job or on the home front? Mobile anger management is a growing challenge. Angry drivers are endangering themselves and others during the daily commute.

The Power of Customer Loyalty and Retention to Build A Business

Customer retention can save cash & time


by Margaret Ross

Online the competition is usually a click away and stores are open 24/7. In this competitive economy, customer loyalty is a necessity to keep your multi-channel business growing. Tactics for cultivating loyal online customers can differ from cultivating them in a physical store sales channel. Web sales means speed. Online offers you the opportunity to instantly secure permission to speak with the prospect again.

It smoothly enables the first invitation to join your community at destinations such as Twitter or Facebook and immediately offers you the chance to provide a relevant incentive both to purchase now and make a second or additional purchase within 72 hours.

Twitter Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips For Business

If you have a Twitter account for business purposes, that means that you are taking time away from work to be on Twitter.
Twitter can drive an amazing amount of business and traffic your way, it can be well worth the work.

Seven Important Twitter Survival Terms Explained: Twitter Starter

#Hash Tags, Following, Follow Friday, Re Tweeting, How to @Reply

Twitter Basic Vocabulary Definitions: Welcome to the Twitterverse. The Tweeting communication code clearly starts out confusing. Every social network, from industry organizations to soccer parents, has its own specialized terms and acronyms. Those new to this microblogging jargon are in search of simple and clear answers to a myriad of critical questions such as "What in the world is Follow Friday?" "Why are the pound signs cluttering people's message?" "Is it a gesture of friendship or plagiarism to ReTweet (aka RT) someone's tweet message?" Once we begin to speak the language; we feel compelled to help the next Newbie.

Ten Tips To Land Your Next Job Using Social Media : Chapter One


Social Media Job/Career Guide:


Social Media Chapter 1: Tips One, Two, Three
In the current climate it is perhaps more typical to hear stories about people loosing a job rather than finding one. However, it is certainly possible to buck this economic trend and make yourself hyper-employable even in kamaron_social_media_job_career_guidetoday’s market. Moreover, it’s not all doom and gloom as far as the economic situation goes, there are an increasing number of positive signs about the state of the world’s markets. For example, France and Germany are recently reported to have emerged from recession.


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