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How To Use Keyword Research To Boost Your Press Release or Blog Post Findability


One of the main goals of writing a press release or a blog post is to steer traffic to your business and your website - which means that the press release or post must be easy to find online.

Five Ways Original Research Adds Power to Your Press Release


Press releases are a great way to publicize your business, but frankly, not all press releases are created equal.

Some press releases are pretty dull to read and have nothing new or exciting to tell the reader. The fact that a company just hired a new CEO or entered a partnership with a new distributor...yes, that's news, but is it interesting news? Not to anyone outside of the company.

So what is a company to do when they have no exciting news to announce? Create their own news, that's what? And how do they do that?

How To Create A Buzz For Your Business

Let's pretend you want to create an online media buzz for your business in September. Where should the buzz building steps of the marketing survey or polling process begin? It begins with a sound and seasonal idea that makes sense for September.


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