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Discover the Power of Appreciation

Tweet and Facebook Actions - Act on Appreciation

Discovering the Life Changing Power of Appreciation

Introducing Thankful Thursdays. #thanks #TT
Take action each Thursday . Pass it on.

Author, Tim Sanders, was raised on a farm in New Mexico by his amazing grandmother, Billye. Billye helped shape Tim’s character and was a major influence on his future successes.
Billye’s Gratitude Lesson is one of my favorites. Billye taught Tim, “Gratitude is a muscle not a feeling. If it was a feeling, you’d feel it all the time now, wouldn’t you?” She continued, “You’ve got to give your gratitude muscle a workout every day if you want to feel grateful.
People who don’t spend time on this muscle get spiritually flabby over time and forget to appreciate the very things they wished for.” *
How is it possible for a new hire to be excited and positive and thankful for the same job that two years later he can only see the faults with? Billye would say that he let his gratitude muscle get flabby.

Beware Facebook Abandons Privacy. How to Save Face on Google

Saving Your Face

Tips to Save Face on Google+ and Facebook

If you hope to keep anything private, it is probably better to stay off the Internet altogether. If a “bunker” isn’t your best life style choice, you need to know that both Facebook and Google+ are making changes to their privacy settings.

Facebook is making it nearly impossible to hide from crazy acquaintances, ex-bosses, and that bully that tormented you in the 4th grade. Whereas before you could choose whether or not you wanted to show up in search results, the new policy allows anyone to be found using the site's search function. If you are a parent, be sure and check impact on your kids’ privacy on Facebook.

The company said they made the change because they have had complaints that two people might be in the same Facebook Group, but still can't find each other with a search. They also said that people were "confused" when they tried to find a friend, but couldn't find them in search results, (ignoring the fact that this was the whole purpose of the privacy setting in the first place.)

How to Check Your New Public Face on Facebook

If you are curious as to what others are seeing when they find your Facebook page, use the "View As" feature, which you can find on your profile page’s "Activity Log" drop down menu. Google+ Google+ recently sent out an email specifying changes regarding what information it shares about you. It will allow you to opt out of "Shared Endorsements," meaning if your Google+ page follows another page publicly, you can choose whether or not you want your name and photo to appear in ads that are on that page. This means that, in theory, if you don't pay attention to your settings, you could see your name and face “hawking” products in ads without being paid a single cent. 

How to turn off Shared Endorsements

Kamaron Institute Reveals the Skinny on Cookies

When I say cookies. What comes to mind? Chocolate chip?

Revealing the Skinny on Cookies

What is a computer cookie?

Here’s the “skinny” on computer cookies (aka browser cookies)

Lets Talk Cookies: If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cookies is chocolate chip you aren't alone. Even among many well versed in the use of computers and the internet aren't familiar with the computer kind of cookies. Essentially they're little tiny bits of information passed from a website to your browser and stored there while you are checking out whatever site has your attention at the moment. Then whenever you pass that way again the website can retrieve that information and access it.

Mastering Another Major Social Media. Learning to Speak Horn

For decades horn honking has been used as a way to communicate. Much like email and attempted humor in tweets this social media message can easily be miscommunicated and misunderstood.

How to Speak Horn - A Social Language

As a language, deciphering horn honks can be challenging. When someone honks their horn, you don't really know if they are honking at you at all—and if they are -- what exactly they are trying to say. To make it more of a conundrum, a honk in your city can be different than a horn honk you might hear while visiting your aunt across the country.

Until the complete etiquette of horn honking is more formalized, I’ve prepared some horn honking basics to prepare you for your next road trip.


A "tap" is a light application of pressure on the horn. It is really the most genial kind of horn honking (you didn't know there was such a thing, did you?) Here are two different types of horn taps and what they mean: - A tap while at a light: “I don't want to be rude, but the light has changed. Do you think you might go now?” - A tap while on the freeway: “I see your signal and will let you in this lane…if you hurry and acknowledge this courtesy with a hand wave.”


Taps and toots are often difficult to distinguish. However, as the amusing word "toot" signifies, toots are friendly honks. You might hear a toot from your college roommate, who spots you while you are driving on the other side of the road. Perhaps you haven't seen him or her in years; perhaps you are driving the same car you were in college, and it is now held together with duct tape, while they are driving their brand new BMW, and the whole incident makes you reevaluate your whole life and how you've spent the last 20 years.

Sigh. Anyway, that's what a toot can mean.


This is more serious than a tap or a toot. Honks are rarely friendly greetings. They are much more likely to be sounds of “Watch out!” or “Pay attention!” The noise duration is longer. The sound decibels are louder and more intense. A honk may mean, “The light has been green for 15 seconds already, so finish your text later.” Just as with a tap or a toot, everyone within ear shot is startled and the momentary stress relief is only experienced by the “honker.”

Parenting Advice: Popularity Benefits of Social Skills

Children with social skills are happier.


Why Teaching Your Children Social Skills Is Crucial To Their Future Success. Positive Parenting

Families across the country are helping their children get ready for the new school year by dutifully trudging off to buy mountains of school supplies, books, and new outfits. However, teaching a child appropriate social skills is equally as important as showing up with the right school supplies.
In fact, in some ways it is even more important. While school supplies are quickly expended, social skills increase in value over time.  For example, think about your co-workers and neighbors. On a spectrum of social skills, they will lean more toward one of these descriptors: (1) Works and plays well with others” or (2) “Runs with scissors.”

Anger Management Strategies for Business Managers

How to keep your cool when you are hot under the collar.

We all know the feeling of being down to our last nerve. Where do you find yourself losing your cool and your emotional balance? Is it in traffic, on the job or on the home front? Mobile anger management is a growing challenge. Angry drivers are endangering themselves and others during the daily commute.

The Power of Customer Loyalty and Retention to Build A Business

Customer retention can save cash & time


by Margaret Ross

Online the competition is usually a click away and stores are open 24/7. In this competitive economy, customer loyalty is a necessity to keep your multi-channel business growing. Tactics for cultivating loyal online customers can differ from cultivating them in a physical store sales channel. Web sales means speed. Online offers you the opportunity to instantly secure permission to speak with the prospect again.

It smoothly enables the first invitation to join your community at destinations such as Twitter or Facebook and immediately offers you the chance to provide a relevant incentive both to purchase now and make a second or additional purchase within 72 hours.

Don’t Give Up On Santa. Why I’m Not To Cool for the Claus

Yes, fellow adult cynic. There is a Santa.

It’s hard to believe the holidays are bearing down on us. It seems like Christmas was just last week, and there’s another one right around the corner. With all the depressing news in the media and the continuous reports promising impending financial misery, you might be having trouble getting in the mood for the holidays. You might even think you’re too old, or too sophisticated or just too cool to believe in Santa Claus. If you’ve become a little jaded since your childhood, here are twelve really good reasons to believe in Santa.

Important Facebook Privacy Setting Secrets

Facebook Privacy start here Fig 1

How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

 If you have people in your life who like you, you may be better off than social media giant, Facebook. Consumers recently reported that they like Facebook about as much as the cable company, airlines and the IRS*. One major cause for customer concern is privacy. Here’s how to better protect your personal and family Facebook privacy. We've even included pictures.

Fun Facts about California, New York, Texas and Florida I Bet You Never Knew

California, New York, Texas, Florida fun facts.

Nine states provide over one half of the United States' entire population. Can you name all nine of them?. That somewhat trivial question from a friend, is what lead to this article.   Hop on board for a whislte stop tour of fascinating facts regarding four states that are home to the most 'folks."

This post has great potential for dazzling your friends with your encyclopedic knowlege of US History.  A treasure trove of FB status updates and tweets.  One the challenges we faced in gathering this data was verifying the information with at least two reputable online resources/sources. - MR 

Do you know? - What links California, Texas, New York and Florida? Yes, of course, all four of them are states in a rather famous union. However, so are 46 other states that are not listed. You’re going to have to think a little bit harder to get this one. What unites these four states uniquely?  


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