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How To Stop Name Calling Apple Lesson Version B

Positive Label Program lessons promote character developement and social intelligence. This lesson is step by step for stopping name calling. The bullying prevention concept is easily adapted for middle school, high school, and home.

Expansion ideas are included.Video link located below. 

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How to stop name calling at home and in classrooms for grades K-12. and school success stories. Lesson Learning Options Include: Click Video Version, Audio, Reading Options.
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Apple Activity ASCA National Standards:

PS:A1 Acquire Self-knowledge, PS:A2 Acquire Interpersonal Skills, PS:B1 Self-knowledge Application
1. Build vocabulary, increase correct use of grammar, public speaking, increase self-knowledge, increase interpersonal skill, and gain self-knowledge
2. Decrease name calling and verbal bullying while increasing use of positive words.
How negative and positive words have an impact on our lives. How does this lesson connect to Casey and The Amazing Giant Green Shirt? As Casey learned the power of kind words, so do the students with this activity.
Apples, Knife, Cutting board
Before the class begins, the teacher will slightly bruise an apple by rolling/banging it on the floor. (This mainly needs to be done for the younger kids.) Students sit in a circle.

Teacher asks students how many of them have heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” How many of you believe this statement is true?
Apple Activity Lesson Extensions:

 Middle School

Middle School teachers and counselors may use this activity during small groups or as a beginning of the school year activity. Teachers or counselors may incorporate the use of cell phones, e-mails, texts, instant messaging, etc. Middle school students do not realize the impact of such devices may have on another student. These devices take out the emotional aspect and when they may be joking, the other person does not realize it and take the information personally. 

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