How To Have A Twitter Conversation

Margaret Ross, Editor
Starting a social media conversation can be easier than you thought

Seven Social Media Tips For Introverts.

To avoid seeing yourself as a social media wallflower. Simply reach out. 

Social media is a wonderful tool for promoting a business or a brand: it's free, it's effective, it doesn't even take much time. However, the word "social" is there for a reason, which may give the introverted, wallflower types some pause.

If you want to promote your business via social media but you're not the bubbly life of the party type, is there any hope for you?

Not only is there hope, but it's much easier to be social using social media than it is in person. When you're "socializing" on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, you can choose who you want to speak to, you can end a conversation without offense, and you don't have to sit there trying to figure out someone's facial expressions and body language to determine if you've overstayed your welcome.

Seven Social Media Tips For The Shy, Tongue-Tied or Introverted

1. Finding The Words

You need to update your social media accounts regularly - preferably at least once a day. What if you TRULY have nothing to say? A good quote will work wonders. Look up quotes in Bartlett's or some other book of quotes, or an online quote site, and just tweet/post/type in your quote, with the proper attribution, of course. Example:

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"

- Confucius

"A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed"

- Henrik Ibsen"

2. News Worthy & Note Worthy

Comment on recent news, especially if it's relevant to your business.

3. Add Value With Positive Words

Comment on something someone else tweeted/posted - in a positive way.

4. Choose Courtesy, Be Classy

NEVER complain, insult, start arguments, etc., on a social media forum. If you are there to promote yourself and your business, you don't want to come across as negative and you don't want to invite controversy. People remember bad impressions for a long time; don't give them any reason to remember anything bad about you.

5. Sincere Interest Makes Great Conversation

Ask questions. Watch for answers. Thank people for answering. People love to help and to offer their opinions.

6. Share What You Know & Are Learning

Write helpful articles in your field of expertise and tweet links to them.

7. A Daily Habit Works Best 

Set a schedule for yourself with specific goals - such as, tweet/post once in the morning, once at night. If you don't, and you tend to be antisocial, it's too easy to let days or weeks go by without updating your account. Out of sight is out of mind in the social media world.


Margaret Ross, speaker and writer, grows and encourages people in business and in their lives. Ross is CEO of the Kamaron Institute, a leading management consulting, training, and market research communications firm. Margaret is the editor of Kamaron PI, the Positive Impact blog, host of Telly award winning Success Class and is a regularly featured guest on America’s top radio shows.

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