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How Kamaron Earned Seven Star Customer Ranking Again This Year

Results, Satisfaction and Customer Service

“They accomplished the goals; it was measurable as we could see the results.” “They are true professionals. They have helped our organization tremendously and the knowledge they have passed on to our organization is highly valuable “I would absolutely recommend them; because they will help you achieve your results and provide your staff with great training.” “Someone who really knows how to get results in this industry is rare. I would recommend them to save others from trial and error, which means wasting a lot of money trying to get results with firms that take their money but do not provide this level of results.” Customers would highly recommend Margaret Ross and Kamaron Institute training, research, education, bullying prevention, communication, management consulting services.

Our Other Business Clients Say...

“Consulting produced tremendous results that have helped positively change our workplace.” “The experience was so user friendly but more importantly successful. We’ve expanded to other locations.” “Very professional and effective. The learning tools they create are exceptional.” “We would recommend Margaret Ross and the Kamaron Institute without hesitation.” “They can design unique solutions that can be effective for your company, too.” Customer rate Kamaron Institute seven star satisfaction ranking best in class services; business, training, development, expertise.

Educational and Transportation Leader Reviews

“Students and teachers are feeling safer and this is creating a more positive learning environment.” - Dr. S Cocolis “This is the first year in my 20-year career that I’ve had no time outs, no parent conferences, and no office referrals. We use the program principles in everything we do.” - J. Focus “More comradeship among faculty; continuity of teaching between home and school...a wonderful way to teach character education.” - B. Anderson “We have dramatically reduced referrals and fewer driver distractions, which improves our safety.” - P. Reynolds

Industries Represented: Retail, Education, Government, Manufacturing, Technology, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Auto, Entertainment, Nonprofit and Communications, Sales and Marketing

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