Don’t Give Up On Santa. Why I’m Not To Cool for the Claus

Margaret Ross, Editor
Yes, fellow adult cynic. There is a Santa.

It’s hard to believe the holidays are bearing down on us. It seems like Christmas was just last week, and there’s another one right around the corner. With all the depressing news in the media and the continuous reports promising impending financial misery, you might be having trouble getting in the mood for the holidays. You might even think you’re too old, or too sophisticated or just too cool to believe in Santa Claus. If you’ve become a little jaded since your childhood, here are twelve really good reasons to believe in Santa. 12. You have to believe in something. Trying to get through life is hard enough, but without a beacon of hope, it’s nearly impossible. Santa’s already in place and has a great support system. You might as well jump on the bandwagon too. 11. You will receive zero presents otherwise. There’s a reason Santa has so many believers. He used to be on Facebook, but he had so many friends that they crashed the server every time Santa turned on his workshop webcam. 10. It’s easier to believe in Santa Claus than the Easter Bunny. You may have already decided to believe in the Easter Bunny. That’s fine. The Easter Bunny delivers but not like Santa Claus. Santa delivers to more homes than FTD. If candy is your thing, stick with the rabbit. If you like a wide assortment of gifts, switch to Santa. 9. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. That means if you don’t do your part and believe in him, Santa might “forget” to drop by your place on Christmas Eve. 8. You believe in the U.S. government, so why not believe in Santa? Every time you vote, you place your faith in our elected representatives. What has that done for you lately? It seems more practical to put your faith in someone with a track record. 7. It’s more fun to believe in Santa Claus than global warming. Why waste time believing in that stuffy old science stuff? Santa breaks the rules of physics every year while he flies merrily around the world. 6. People believe in Bigfoot. There are more photos of Santa Claus than Bigfoot. 5. In this economy, Santa’s the only person who’s giving presents. 4. Have you ever seen eight angry reindeer? 3. Why ruin a good thing? 2. Enough people already believe in the Loch Ness monster. 1. Two words are enough: "Yes, Virginia...." As I wrote the words, "Yes, Virginia...." I smiled at the memory. Hope you do, too.

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