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Smart companies use surveys, studies, and polls as a vehicle to make more money and be wiser about where and how they spend money. 

Market Research can answer business questions such as, "Will our new product or service idea sell?" "What is the right price point?"

The findings from Public Relations supporting Marketing studies, surveys and polls are the additional value a powerful press release needs. Research based news releases and articles can give your company web site, blogs and other social media more fame, more quality inbound links, and more prominence in search engine results. They also support your SEO efforts.

Customer Satisfaction studies can answer questions such as, "How to we keep the customers we have?" "Will they buy more from us?" "What can we do to make the experience better for our big spenders?"

Taking informed action is a brilliant business move in any economic time.  Research is only useful if you use it.   Working with the right research partner is a seemingly small thing that can make a big difference in the bottom line and your credibility.

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Survey Research Success Secret: The Right Sample Size

Sample Calculator Tool: Polling enough people increases the strength or your survey or study results. The number of people is known as the sample size. Enjoy taking the calculator on this page for a test drive. You’ll now be able to decode the study stats you see (or don’t see) in someone’s news release.

It's easy to do with our Sample Size Calculator tool. A) Enter the suggested numbers. B)Click the = (equals sign) and the tools does the math for you. C) Click the "C" to clear the numbers and try other numbers. Enjoy.

Sample Size Calculator

Your recommended sample size is
 Click = to calculate. "C" is to clear information.

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Opinion Central Take Survey. Complete Poll.

Opinion Central : Tell Us What You Think…

Opinion and Survey Central is an opinion hub. We gather the preferences, plans, and insights of the thinking Internet public and explain the results and trends in useful, clear and simple thought bytes.

“Our opinions do not really blossom into fruition until we have expressed them to someone else. “ Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens (1835 - 1910)

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Internet Research Public Relations

 Surveys Adding Power to Press Releases

We get it. You don’t need a five-year research project costing more than your first house with results too boring to capture the attention of a busy reporter. You need customers, loyal fans, email from people who want your products, and inquiries about the services you offer. You want more fame and more people knowing your company and web site’s name. A fascinating survey fact within a powerful press release may help you in this quest. No guarantees.

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Survey Specials Services

Web Online Public Relations pricing packages and options from Kamaron Institute

We offer several competitively priced packages.

The Mini Survey, Package A – One Topic, One Demo


  1. Help you determine your survey sample target audience. Whom you will survey/poll.
  2. Establish the goal of the project. What single, potentially news-relevant item you want to learn in this survey. There are no guarantees.
  3. Create the online questionnaire - What will be asked.
  4. Test the questions and the survey.
  5. Provide you with a unique survey link to online survey – How we ask the questions.
  6. Monitor survey progress.
  7. Analyze the data – Produce a clear, easy to understand one-page report on your single survey topic giving you survey data results, by gender.


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