How To Create A Buzz For Your Business

Margaret Ross, Editor

Let's pretend you want to create an online media buzz for your business in September. Where should the buzz building steps of the marketing survey or polling process begin? It begins with a sound and seasonal idea that makes sense for September.

Steps: September Creating A Marketing Buzz
1. Think about the opportunity strategically. Begin with a big idea.
2. Logically link the big idea to A and to B
A. Something September
B. Logical link for your business
3. Ask people for their opinion
4. Reliably record what they say
5. Communicate the results in fun and relevant ways
When we create and conduct online surveys and polls for public relations and marketing communications clients, we often follow these basic steps.
For purposes of this article, we'll pretend the client is someone whose business is related to health, wellness, or lifestyle. Warning: Even though health and wellness is one of the largest industry groups in North America, we will expand our thinking outside that box, too.
September provides us with a bounty of health and well being awareness topics that could deliver buzz able business articles, press releases, tweets, posts, email etc.
I picked five topics for your consideration.
- America On The Move
The logical business and survey starting point could be walking, running, dancing, biking etc. Remember we are thinking big here. That's why we wouldn't rule out a possible link to tourism and automotive industry for buzz potential for your industry. Although a health related topic is our imaginary starting point, "On the move" is a big idea starting point.
- Healthy Aging Month
This topic can offer you a tie and a logical link to one of the largest population groups online today, the boomers, plus any demographic heading toward fifty who intends to enjoy that time, too.
- Fruits & Veggies - More Matters Month
In addition to health related businesses; we can imagine it applying to restaurants, groceries, and clothing. The key question the survey could tackle might be our veggie intentions compared to our veggie reality.
- National Yoga Awareness Month
Fitness clothing, self-awareness, health clubs, spas and many more might benefit here.
- National Farm Safety And Health Week
Perhaps your business relates with the agriculture industry in some way. September offers a health and wellness awareness week for you too.
Click this health awareness link to find more ideas for creating your September business buzz.
To have a news release out for September, the work should begin no later than early July.
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