Measurable Education Results

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School Systems across the country benefit from participation in the KC3Positive Label Program and earning their certification.

"Teachers and bus drivers noticed that students were trying harder to get along with each other. Students and teachers are feeling more safe and that is creating a more positive learning environment. Name-calling and negative comments have decreased and classroom instruction and learning have increased."

- Dr. Sara Cocolis, Principal



Teachers, bus drivers and students all reported that our learning environment has become a more friendly positive place to be. Name calling, teasing and saying mean things student to student has decreased. Teachers report other teachers saying more positive statements to each other. Teachers have been able to take the information from the program and use it in other areas of teaching. Any time a positive program comes along is a good thing. KC3 meets those requirements!"

- Lynda Casey, Principal, Missouri

"The program connected the bus driver and the school together. Transportation and the school were using the program to achieve a common goal, for the good of children.

"Drivers and Aides were encouraged to view the riders in a different way: not as 'cargo' to get from place to place, but as special people with varied and valued characteristics. Drivers, aides, students, teachers and administrators all worked together as a team on a common project. This created a synergy never before experienced in our district."

- Shirley Patrick, Director Transportation

"Less name calling; less bullying-type behavior; more positive interest in others; the school worked more as a team; more comradeship among faculty and staff; continuity of teaching between home and school; a wonderful way to reach required character education."

- Billie Anderson, Elementary Counselor

"Heightened awareness of the importance of our words; 'fun' opportunities for students to give positive recognition to others; opportunities for students to recognize positive qualities in themselves as they received from others and as they gave to others; opportunities for staff to give and receive positive recognition among themselves and with students. This was a unifying program, bringing together students, staff, parents, and extended staff (bus drivers, cafeteria staff)."

- Cris Force, Counselor

"The positive concepts taught in the KC3 Positive Label Program have become ingrained in the fabric of our school, benefiting our students, staff and community. Several offshoots of the Program that were initiated after the introduction of KC3 remain a part of our school's focus. “

- Leslie Fear, Teacher and Counselor

"Our schools are constantly charged with the responsibility of finding ways to improve the classroom climate (behavior) in order to increase learning, decrease discipline referrals, and preserve teaching time (that is often spent disciplining) for instruction Our schools have averaged an increase of quality teaching time from 8 days to two weeks and staff job satisfaction soars” .

- K. Spangler, Adminstrator

"The After School Program at Kedron has benefited in countless ways from the KC3 program. Our students gained a higher respect for not only others, but also themselves. The staff gained personal knowledge of the students' lives through our group meetings because the children felt safe in sharing their concerns with a small group. Our staff changed the way they handled problems, trying to focus on what the students could learn from the situation and how to turn the situation around and label the children positively. Our discipline problems drastically decreased, giving office staff more time to plan and implement activities rather than managing paper work concerning discipline."

- M. Aycock, After School Program

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