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Margaret Ross, Editor

Discover the Power of Appreciation

Tweet and Facebook Actions - Act on Appreciation

Discovering the Life Changing Power of Appreciation

Introducing Thankful Thursdays. #thanks #TT
Take action each Thursday . Pass it on.

Author, Tim Sanders, was raised on a farm in New Mexico by his amazing grandmother, Billye. Billye helped shape Tim’s character and was a major influence on his future successes.
Billye’s Gratitude Lesson is one of my favorites. Billye taught Tim, “Gratitude is a muscle not a feeling. If it was a feeling, you’d feel it all the time now, wouldn’t you?” She continued, “You’ve got to give your gratitude muscle a workout every day if you want to feel grateful.
People who don’t spend time on this muscle get spiritually flabby over time and forget to appreciate the very things they wished for.” *
How is it possible for a new hire to be excited and positive and thankful for the same job that two years later he can only see the faults with? Billye would say that he let his gratitude muscle get flabby.

“Gratitude,” explains Tim “is a capability built up through exercise and focus. It is the ability to perceive, receive, and produce the positive emotion of gratefulness.”

What is the last thing that made you smile? Write it down!

Why? That smile inducing memory is a Person, Event, Opportunity or Thing that could be added to your daily gratitude journal. The memory jogger acronym for this gratitude exercise is POET.

Share one item from your gratitude journal in a comment on Thankful Thursdays. Share on social media with hashtag #thanks and #tt.

Daily Workout Tips

Five Ways to Build Up Your Gratitude Muscles

1. Strengthen gratitude muscle each morning using the acronym POET. What Person, Opportunity, Event, or Thing do you appreciate from yesterday and anticipate being grateful for today?
2. Do all three of these exercise moves -Tune in, Dig Deeper, Express Your Thanks.
3. When someone or something gives you a positive thought. Add it to your list.
4. Go looking for people, events and things to appreciate.
5. Find five daily. Express your thanks. Log them into your phone or put them on a paper list.

Time to get moving. One. Two. Three. Work that muscle. Thank someone in social media and voice to voice. Thank you, Tim Sanders!

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